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Introducing the AF TEN Challenge

This includes,

Initial Consultation

We’ll discuss your goal and work out exactly what you want to achieve in the 10 weeks.

20 x Personal Training Sessions

You’ll train with your coach twice a week who will keep you motivated and focused towards your training goal.

Nutrition Planning

No more guess work with your nutrition, we will create an effective nutrition plan that works with your lifestyle.

Regular Progress Assessments

We will track your progress weekly & ensure you’re making progress

Complementary Gym Membership

The AF TEN challenge includes full membership to Adapt Fitness Gym. This is so you can follow your bespoke training plan in between your personal training sessions.

Complementary MyZone Belt

The MyZone belt is the best way to track your workouts, giving you a full breakdown of every single workout.

£500 Cash Prize

How’s this for a bit of added motivation:

The member who achieves the most epic overall transformation will win £500 cash at the end of the AF TEN challenge.

We only have a limited number of spaces available, so if you’re serious about achieving an epic result and are ready to give it everything, we want to hear from you.

Please fill out your details below for a call back.